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It is forbidden to use any name which belongs only to Allah , such as al-Khaliq (the Creator) and al-Quddus (the Most Holy), or names which do not befit any except Allah, such as Malik al-Muluk (King of Kings).

Mostly there are Hussaini (Rizvi, Zaidi, Baqri) along with Hasani (Malik , Quadri or Geelani). wikipedia. 2.

This alphabetical list contains common female Muslim names, to help you begin the difficult process of choosing a name for your baby girl.

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Dawoodi Bohras at the Saifee Mosque in Mumbai's Bhendi Bazaar on March 25, 2011, to celebrate the 100th birthday of their leader. com n.


Amir Kabir – Prime Minister of Persia under Nasereddin Shah; Mohammad Reza Pahlavi – last Shah of Iran from 1941 until his overthrow

Shia population: 19 -22 million.
10 Common Muslim Surnames (with Meanings) Khan-Khan name means "ruler" or "leader.