Spotting until the gymnast can correctly use their hands to keep weight off their neck is the safest solution to the problem.


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To do this, roll a hand towel length-wise.


ago. When you teach the backward roll, your first concern must be the safety of the neck. Keep your back rounded and gently try to land on a shoulder.


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. I almost tweaked a neck bone doing a back roll once, almost, but luckily my neck bones were fused from having been strangled nearly to the point of decapitation.


One of my friends decided to show a throw on me and only told me at the last minute that I should forward roll out of it rather than break backwards.

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May 30, 2012 · See answer (1) Best Answer. I am literally embarrassed by this but i genuinely need help to roll, i don't know how i've managed to go past a season without knowing how to roll, i cannot do a forward roll or backwards roll to save my life and i need help with it, step by step or a video would help.

The full move of tapping the shoulders down & returning takes a ton of strength and isn't.
It can be caused by: a degenerative disc disease.
This results from putting the top of ones head down on the floor so the weight of the body is supported by.


Feb 14, 2023 · Push off the ground with your legs and move your weight forwards.

. The only reason you would ever land on you head is if you don't commit or the lip of the jump gives out. The students need to have enough arm strength to take the pressure off of their necks.

. . If you’re experiencing headaches, TMJ pain, or other symptoms of forward head posture, or if your neck and shoulder pain is persistent (lasts for more than a few. Jul 24, 2020 · Bend forward slowly, slightly bending your knees. . i commend you for thinking about your neck health this early.


It’s sorta like using a back brace but more intense since your body weight and arms sorta lock you into a static posture for 7+ hrs. I tried no pillow with a rolled hand towel.


Avoid overcorrecting the mistake and sticking your belly or chest out.

The backward roll is a difficult skill because of the neck, especially in young children.

First tap the crown of your head to the floor and return, then the back of your head, etc.

Improved strength.